EMILY C ROCHON | Interior Architectural photographer

"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."


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The Home.

It's a place everyone desires for peace, love, joy, and laughter to reside and to be protected from any heartbreak and sorrow. 

It's a place where family is created and nurtured and where memories are formed and savored. 

We all strive to create a beautiful space where love can blossom and grow.

I photograph those beautiful spaces.


Collection of Work

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I ´╗┐grew up with an artist Mother with an eye for decorating and a Father with a Rollei camera, so it was inevitable I would become a professional photographer focusing on interior architecture.´╗┐ 

My love of The Home started at a very young age as I would devour interior design magazines each time I had a little extra spending money. I loved to dream I was living in these beautiful spaces. I still love to do that!

Born in Southern California, raised in the Mid-West and having lived in three additional countries, I reside now, for the third time, in Southern California, this time with my exuberant husband and precocious little girl. And, I finally live in one of those beautiful homes! 


Work Experience

  • Ogilvy Paris, Assistant Art Buyer

  • Emily C Rochon | interior architectural photography, Owner


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